Our Golden Mission

Friday, July 3, 2015

Thank you SRL Irish Dance!


What a great way to kick off the Summer at the Avon Library.

Here's a clip of our Irish Dancing Kickoff!


Take a moment to enjoy Irish dancing, featuring dancers Courtney & Rebecca with Dan on the Fiddle.

Would you like to learn how to dance like that?

Check our SRL Irish Dance today! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wanna get a cupcake?

Your first reward for summer reading this year is a tasty cupcake from Taste by Spellbound.  

The owner of this place makes all sorts of delicious treats and you get to have one for free! 

These cupcakes aren’t like your ordinary cupcakes.  

They are made only to perfection. 

Once you eat a cupcake here, you won’t want to go anywhere else for a cupcake in the future.  

Keep up the reading so you can earn your first reward!

If you haven’t signed up for the Summer Reading program yet, you can do it now by going to http://www.avonctlibrary.info/Childrens.htm.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Nature Nick’s Animal Adventures!

Nature Nick’s Animal Adventures

Here’s a riddle for you:

What animal jumps when it walks, and sits when it stands?

Hint: This is one of the animals you will see if you come to Nature Nick’s Animal Adventure Show this Wednesday July 1st.

What could it be?

It’s a kangaroo!!

A real live kangaroo is going to be at the library this week! Come to the library on Wednesday at 3:00pm to see it with your own eyes.  Along with the kangaroo, there will be lots of other interesting animals like a snake, a monkey, a bird of prey, and even more cool creatures.  This is a show you definitely don’t want to miss!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Irish Stepdancing

Join us for Irish Stepdancing and Kick Off the Summer

This Tuesday!

June 30th


Are you so excited that summer has finally come that it makes you want to dance? 

Then the library is the place for you to be 
this Tuesday, at 11 AM.  

Come join us to experience a whole new kind of dance… Irish Stepdancing! 

You will get to jig and reel yourself, as well as watch some dances by some very talented stepdancers.

 Come learn from a dancer who was taught herself in Ireland! What better way to start the summer? 

Join us for the fun and bring all your friends too.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Readers! Sign up Today!

School is finally out for the summer and that means lots of time swimming, playing outside, going on vacation, and READING for fun!  And it’s double the fun when you get to read and get rewards for reading.  

This summer, you can choose either a 6, 12, or 24 book goal.  

As you work your way towards your goal, you will be able to earn cool things like a cupcake from Taste by Spellbound, a ticket to a Rock Cats game, J Foster ice cream, a kids meal from Bertucci’s, a slice of pizza from Hot Heaven, a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream cone, and even a trip to Quassy Amusement Park.  

Every time you come into the library, you will also be given a ticket that will be able to put in a jar to try and win one of 13 prize packages.  

These prize packages include things like a ukulele, tickets to launch trampoline park, tickets to the zoo, books, free food, and free mini-golf passes. 

Ready to sign up yet? Here’s what you have to do:

2.  Click on the icon for the number of books you want as your goal this summer (6 books, 12 books, or 24 books)

3.  Click on the button that says “Sign me up” (just above the username and password fields)

4.  Fill out the form with the information you are asked and hit save

5.  Start logging your books! (You can start on June 28th)

6.  When you log into your account and it tells you that you are eligible to claim your rewards, come to the library to pick them up! (Starting June 29th).